Rug Cleaning

Here at Carpet Cleaning New York, when you give us your rug, you can expect an all-inclusive, expert service. From the moment we pick it up and transport it to our factory, until the moment we deliver it to you cleaned, we guarantee that it will be in safe hands.

We understand that your rug is probably very precious to you – whether it has been given to you by a family member (and of great sentimental value) or because you spent a great deal of time, effort and money choosing a particular piece.

We know that rugs are a significant part of and investment in your home, adding the "finishing touch" to a special room.

But we also know how many companies who claim to be experts in rug cleaning lack the know-how to do the job properly. How many of us know at least one nightmare tale about a ruined rug by a lack of professional experience or care?

A Cleaning Process That Gets Results 

This is how we avoid the kind of mistakes that can ruin a rug. First of all, we will inspect your piece, so that we can decide exactly what treatment will serve it best.

We know that each individual rug will require particular care but, as a rule of thumb, most will need to be vacuumed thoroughly. This will ensure that all dust particles (from the fibers) and soil are removed.

Once this is done, we will clean your rug with the method we feel is best suited to its fabric and style. On request, we will be glad to use biodegradable, natural 'green' products. These products do no harm to the environment and are recommended if you have children or pets.

After cleaning, all remaining moisture will be removed with our special heat and dehumidifying techniques.

Finally, before returning it to you, our technicians carefully inspect your staff to ensure the highest quality results. We want to be sure that nothing has been missed before it leaves our factory.

We offer a free pick-up and delivery service for your rug throughout all of New York.

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