Carpet Cleaning

If you want to keep your carpet looking fresh and new, then regular cleanings are essential.

Your carpets are like the clothes you wear – when they get dirty, they need to be washed. If dirt builds up within the carpet's fibers, it can be a major source of color fading. Soiled carpets are also a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful allergens.

Carpet Cleaning New York uses only the best machinery on the market. When you book with us, we will send a technician to your home at a time of your choice.

First he will carry out an evaluation, to make sure your individual needs are best served. Then he will set to work cleaning your carpet with a powerful hot water technique, designed to blast away at dirty areas.

This is a highly -effective method when it comes to removing stains, spots, chewing gum and even wax from your carpet.

Polite and Efficient

All of our technicians are well-trained, punctual, and polite. They are experienced and also up-to-date with all of the latest cleaning techniques on the market. If you choose our services, we offer you a guaranteed service - if you are not happy with the quality of our work, we will happily return and carry out the job again.

Further, upon request, we will happily use biodegradable, environmentally-friendly products when cleaning your home. These don't just cut through dirt quickly and effectively, but are also safer for your children and pets, because they are non-toxic.

We understand that happy customers are the best kind of customers. It is our aim to make sure you return to us, again and again.

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