Carpet Installation

If you want to install wall to wall carpets all over your home, you need someone with expertise, experience and a proven process that gets results.

Carpet Cleaning New York has dealt with hundreds of such installation work, using a wide range of materials, patterns, colors and methods, building us a loyal customer base which also enjoys our carpet cleaning services regularly.

Our seasoned technicians are trained through the course of many jobs before they are allowed to handle a job themselves.  Before we sent a team to the field, we make sure they bring the craftsmanship and quality we demand of ourselves and promise our clients.

A detailed Process – Making Sure All is Covered

Our installation process is very detailed and thorough, in order to present you with all possible options that fits your home and personal style, as well as making sure all details are ironed out before we lay the first board down.

Before starting the acutal work, we need to consider:

  • Which style, pattern, material, color would you like for your floors
  • exact measurements of all future carpeted rooms
  • what are the best timeline to perform the installation for you
  • which furniture would have to be moved, how and by who
  • the future location of the carpet seams
  • what would happen to the existing floors
  • will you need carpet leftovers for some other purpose
  • other factors, dilemmas and special needs  & request that you might 

We promise you the following:

  • use state of the art techniques for better results
  • use proven and time tested methods 
  • install al products according to manufactures orders and your specific demands
  • respect your home while we are guests in it
  • other the obligatory mess, to keep all of your other household items unharmed
  • perform the job as specified and wished for by you  

Talk to use today about your own wall to wall carpet installation in New York, and schedule a onsite consultation and free estimate.

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